Bellingham Bay Community Boating Center

The Bellingham Bay Community Boating Center is a non-profit organization located on the historic Fairhaven Harbor of Bellingham, Washington. The center offers boat storage, launching, and classes on boating. The objective of this studio was to develop a plan for the future of the site, aiming to dramatically expand the facilities and propose additional activities to take place alongside the new boating center. My plan consisted of a combination Boating-Nature Center meant to promote a closer connection to the water and its role in life going into the 21st century.

Taylor-Lauridsen Field House

A field house in the Canaryville neighborhood of Chicago, approximately 30,000 sq. ft with a gymnasium, fitness room, and community multi-purpose space. The building uses a sloped truss roof to provide a clear span and drain the green roof. Predominant winds are directed into the uppermost portion of the building equipped with operable windows in order to passively cool the building during the summer.