I am a Front End Developer with a detail focused background in architecture and construction. I am currently working with developing my own portfolio framework along with survey systems featuring data visualization. I see myself eventually developing internet and mobile applications with a focus on transit, intelligent transportation systems, energy monitoring, urban living, and other tools for data analysis and visualization. The purpose of these analytics would be to help make sense of the information flow from myriad sources in order to assist people in making decisions on matters regarding daily living.

Tangled Web We Weave is my blog/portfolio which covers my experience with Front + Back End Development and anything else web related. In academics, I worked on mobile web and app development using responsive design and Adobe AIR. I also have experience working with desktop solutions involving front end development, back end databases, and interactive game development as well as micro-controller prototyping. My professional work began with jQuery and lightweight frameworks like Backbone, followed by a progression into React and now Angular.

I am also an architectural photographer, specializing in black and white photography of both historic and modern structures.


  • FITC Screens 2013
  • FTI 2013
  • Hackernest Construct 2014
  • FITC Toronto 2014
  • FITC Toronto 2015


  • HTML5
  • CSS2 and CSS3
  • Javascript and jQuery
  • PHP and mySQL including custom framework creation
  • Actionscript 3 Language
  • Front end frameworks: Backbone, ReactJS, Angular, VueJS
  • Front end templating: MustacheJS, HandlebarsJS, JSX, JSTL (Hybris), AEM
  • Build environments: Gulp, Webpack
  • Python
  • Django
  • DjangoCMS
  • PostGreSQL
  • Experience with Flash Pro and Builder
  • AJAX, JSON and XML
  • Browser 3D modeling using webGL and threeJS
  • Multiplayer game creation using node.JS
  • Revision control using Github


  • Standalone 3D modeling & animation using 3ds Max
  • Familiarity with motion graphics and video editing (After Effects, Premiere)
  • DSLR photography
  • Physical fabrication experience using welding (MIG, spot, acetylene, electric arc), laser cutting, woodworking, metal casting and machining
  • Physical computer interaction using LEAP motion
  • Physical prototyping using Arduino open source microcontroller
  • LISP including AutoLISP dialect