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The City That Never Sleeps

My first visit to New York in over 10 years, and was quite surprised by the changes that Manhattan has undergone. Times Square is a much friendlier place for pedestrians with the car free streets, a logical step considering the competition between people and cars. The subway was the main attraction I came to see, in order to research for school. The previous trip to New York had consisted of slogging through Midtown on a charter bus. Now I was zipping (relatively) through the city. Thanks to New York's population density I never had to walk far to find a subway entrance.
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Transit New York

After experiencing the CTA for six years and the Los Angeles Metro it was nice to head back east and ride the biggest subway in the country. New York is actually a mix of elevated and subway, which I was admittedly ignorant of at first (just like Chicago when I didn't realize there was a subway). The New York City Subway stands out in terms of how it is constant changing. The whole network is one giant web where trains go from one line to the next. The distinction between "Service" and "Line" is an important one in New York City. Anyone who says they're taking the Lexington Avenue line is going to be met with a blank stare unless they have intimate knowledge of the track infrastructure.