AJAX List Manager

After some time doing database access using traditional PHP scripts and HTML forms, I began to learn AJAX so I could stay on the client side. I had done basic XML with the Flickr API, but it had still been one way on page load. Being able to update specific parts of a page with database information meant I could eventually learn to code my own photo galleries.

For this exercise, the goal was to make a list manager using AJAX. I had already done a Javascript driven list manager, but the information was temporary. There were three basic goals: insert a record, edit a record and delete a record. The insert and edit functions were easier than I anticipated, while the delete functionality proved to be much more challenging. One of the objectives was to recreate a certain UX, and manipulating the delete button to achieve the desired effect required a lot of trial and error. The end result was a tremendous learning experience revolving around the XML DOM.