Aubretia Transit Plan

The city of Aubretia will be a city for approximately one million people situated at the northern divergence point of the proposed California High-Speed Rail Authority system and the current San Joaquin Amtrak passenger rail service, located near Madera city. Having the largest population out of all 50 states and three cities­­—Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose—in the top ten list of most populous US cities, California certainly has the demand to support a high-speed rail system. The 2010 United States Census has also demonstrated a continuing trend of residents relocating from the Midwest and East Coast to the Sun belt states.

All inhabitants of Aubretia will have access to a heavy two-rail system providing transportation to any other point in the city in 45 minutes or less. Development will be restricted to an area approximately one half mile in radius or a ten minute walking distance centered on each transit stop. Along with standard rapid transit stops in each development area there is also an interface with a central transportation hub connecting the Aubretia Metro to Amtrak and California High-Speed Rail as well as ground transportation options like municpal bus and for-hire vehicles.

The planned population level for Aubretia is based on a city size that can be served with a two-track automated metro system. The system will be capable of accommodating a majority of rush hour commuters at three persons per square meter density with a minimum headway of 90 seconds.