The Buffalo Snow

Finally got down to the lakefront in Buffalo to capture the beauty of winter. The lake is very textured, with the ice breaking and forming obstructions to the movement of snow across the surface resulting in a bumpy landscape.

Toronto Fall

First time visiting Toronto in 3 months, and started to really get familiar with the city. One of the reasons I moved to Buffalo was to be closer to Toronto and New York City. I really feel like Buffalo should be building more connections with such a large metropolis relatively close by. We arguably get more business from outside Buffalo that originates in the GTA, as opposed to New York City. My only experience with the waterfront before this visit had been flying into Billy Bishop through Porter. It's a very disjointed experience compared to Chicago where I use to live. That being said, it does have some interesting finds, and the harbour islands are an experience that Chicago didn't offer. It allows you to far more removed from the experience of the city. Chicago did have the Wooded Island in Jackson Park and Northerly Island, but you were still felt like you were in the city. Being separated by actual water and requiring a ferry to reach them makes the harbour islands a much better place to relax.

More Angeles

More Los Angeles, primarily focusing on Hollywood and Venice Beach. The Los Angeles Metro is fully of personality, and is quite a respite from the automobile culture of the city. Venice Beach on the other hand is full of art but is much more authentic and raw than the glitzy version of LA from atop the Getty Center mountain.

Los Angeles

My visit to Los Angeles, the first time in over four years. It’s amazing that it can be blistering hot in the middle of September. Took the opportunity to see what I had never seen before. Los Angeles may have a lot of problems with traffic and quality of life, but it has over 3 million people and a lot of ideas on how to improve.

Buffalo at sunset

Decided to head out a little earlier and capture Buffalo in the setting late summer sun.  The parking garage behind the M & T Building is a great location to get shots of Ellicott Square and downtown Buffalo.

Buffalo Night and Canalside

My visit to the Erie Canal Harbor at night.  The classic bowstring bridge recreation above the Commercial Slip harkens back to the original bridges that spanned the Erie Canal during its prime.  Canalside is a great waterfront development, connecting downtown Buffalo with its neglected maritime past.  Boats used to be the workhorses of transportation and freight, and they should be again.